Coaching Prices

Invest in You!

The rewards will last a lifetime!

The moment you pick up the telephone to speak to me, your journey will have begun.  You start to think about your life, about your priorities, about what you want and what you really would like to be rid of.  You begin to tap into your spirituality and your inspiration.  The angels are there to help - we just have to ask for it! 


Face-to-face Coaching 

You will learn how to understand the way your thoughts and beliefs can be holding you back.  I will support and guide you to find your own answers and wisdom to help you to start living your life to your full potential.  I will be non-judgemental and supportive, and in return I expect you to be prepared to change!

You will learn how to:

Rid yourself of limiting beliefs

Understand your thought processes and to change negative patterns

Develop unshakable self-belief and to connect with universal energy

Use your inner spirituality and communicating with angels to create the life you desire 


I can see you just the once!  I have found, however, that at about six sessions are needed really to get you going on your new path and then perhaps a follow-up session to keep you focused and on track.  These can be once a month or once every two weeks for maximum effect, but the choice is yours. 

How much is it? 

Face-to-face Coaching £50


Telephone Coaching

We can also work together over the telephone.  These sessions can then be tailored to your time-table, with no need to get a babysitter!  We can arrange day time or evening times. 

Telephone Coaching £45

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