Stories from some of the people I have helped


'I have gained a sense of direction and hope. It was very liberating to confide personal failings/feelings/attitudes to a completely impartial person. Thank you, Clare. You've given me a lot of your time and energy and good things have resulted for me.' (Jim, Surrey)

'The process made me focus on my needs and made me realize that I am as important as the rest of the family. I have clarified where I need to spend my time and energy. The experience has given me confidence and has really helped my self-esteem. I now value myself!' (Nicky, Surrey)

'Clare's coaching was very positive! She's non-judgemental, so when I forgot to do stuff, she made sure I knew what to do for next time. She was clear and had loads of simple exercises which were very powerful and helped me to let go of old beliefs. I achieved what Clare and I planned for. It was great to have clarity and focus and some 'me' time.' (Denise, Surrey)

'Thank you, Clare, for an extremely thought provoking morning. You are really good at this. The morning was well structured and the things you said made perfect sense. I left feeling fired up to be more positive about myself.  You have a lot to offer people.' (Tracey, Surrey)