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So you think you don't have time to cook or that you have never been taught or had the confidence to try.  I can help!  I will show you how to be successful in the kitchen, to try new things and to become a competent home cook.  All the courses are run in my FSA inspected kitchen and numbers are small to give maximum support. 

My courses are designed to help and inspire you to become a more confident cook and not to rely on the supermarket ready-meal culture.  Take control and learn to cook with me!

Duke of Edinburgh Awards Cookery skills

Bronze and Silver

The course will be 6 two hour sessions over a 12 week period and students will learn new cookery skills,food handling and safety, knife skills as well as trying different recipes.     The cooking is done in my inspected kitchen at home.  Groups of up to 4

£150 for 6 two hour sessions

Weekday evenings 4.30-6.30pm


12 two hour sessions cooking a variety of dishes; suppers, baking, bread, puddings, healthy snacks.  We tend to cook whatever we like from session to session, building skills as we go and trying out dishes which will be good for University life!  Groups of up to 4

£300 for 12 two hour sessions spread over six months

Weekday evenings, timings to suit everyone




Off to Uni

How to cook Easy, Nutritious and above all Cheap meals.  Students need fuel, and healthy fuel.  The course is 4 two hour sessions and will show you how to produce meals for yourself which take 30 minutes or less to prepare, providing you with the nutrition your body needs.  No more relying on expensive fast food!  The cooking is done in my kitchen at home.

£100 for 4 two hour sessions

Time to be arranged to suit




How to Cook!

This course is for those who are not confident in the kitchen and just want a little practice with someone there to guide the proceedings.  During the two hour sessions, you will prepare simple, tasty meals and have the chance to cook what you want to, as the course is partially guided by your requirements.  There is space for just three people, so you get lots of attention!  The cooking is done in my kitchen at home.

£35 per person for a 2 hour session

Time to be arranged




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